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Oct 30/19

Fall is Upon Us

For many folks Fall is their favorite time of year.  The leaves turn colours, the nights are crisp, and most importantly the kids are back in school!  

If you're a landlord,  Fall is all about getting ready for the winter season.  Having your home winterized can save money and minimize future repairs.

As property managers we've see things like frozen exterior hose bibs, plugged eaves troughs, sump pump discharge hoses remain attached, and on and on.  When not attended to these minor seasonal maintenance items can turn into big dollar repairs.  It's Prime Property Management's job to ensure that doesn't happen to our clients.

And, for tenants living in homes with forced air furnaces we recommend making sure the furnace filters are changed out in the Fall.  This improves the efficiency of the furnace and the quality of the interior air you breathe. It's also a good time to declutter and pack away those summer clothes and footwear until next Spring.     

Enjoy the Fall, it just means Summer is coming again.