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Aug 2/19
Managing your Fridge!
Food is expensive and when living in a rental property you're much more unlikely to have a second fridge on hand.  Here's a few tips to help you maximize the space in your... Read Post >>
Feb 9/18
How Much Rent Will I Get?
I mentioned in my last blog that I'd taken a look at questions that landlords typically ask potential property managers.  About 37% of investors want to know how the... Read Post >>
Nov 23/17
Winter Woes
There's no denying that winter has arrived.  And for many folks it's a time of year that they dread.  But here at Prime Property Management we recognize that... Read Post >>
Oct 16/17
Where's My Cash?
If there's one area of potential contention between landlords and tenants its the return of a tenants security deposit.  Often tenants believe landlords are looking for... Read Post >>
Sep 15/17
We LOVE Grande Prairie!
Last month we discussed how Prime Property Management came to be.  This month I'd like to brag up our place of business, the City of Grande Prairie, and why we chose to... Read Post >>