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Jul 24/17

New Prime Property Management Service Blog

Welcome to Prime Property Management's introductory Blog.  This is probably a good place to tell readers a little bit of the Prime Property Management back-story; as we'd like you to know there are real people behind the principals and values of the company.

In the mid 1990's our Broker Brian Bildson, always a smooth talker, convinced his wife Deana, and parents Aubrey & Margaret Bildson to join him in building a property management firm in Grande Prairie.  Between them the founders of the company had decades of accounting and construction trade experience, making them uniquely qualified for property management.

As the years passed the company grew from a portfolio of 75 units worth $7 million, to today's Prime with 1,700 – 2,000 units under management worth over $200 million.  This represents a staggering 900% growth rate over the thirty years that Prime Property Management has been in business.

This growth we believe, has been earned by treating everyone fairly. Whether you're one of our investor owners, or a tenant in one of the properties we manage, our goal is to treat you as we'd like to be treated. 

And while Aubrey & Margaret may now be enjoying retirement, the addition of three of the adult Bildson clan to the company fold over the last five years ensures that Prime Property Management remains a local family owned business who stands behind their work.     

So, thanks for taking the time to visit us here.  And we're hoping that somewhere along the line we have the pleasure of doing some business together… Have a prime day!