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Sep 15/17

We LOVE Grande Prairie!

Last month we discussed how Prime Property Management came to be.  This month I'd like to brag up our place of business, the City of Grande Prairie, and why we chose to do business here.

None of the partners were born in Grande Prairie.  But circumstances led us to what can only be described as one of Canada's most vibrant cities. And even though we were told at that time in the early 80's that the local economy was dead our immediate thoughts were if this dead I can't wait to see it alive!

Well that wish has been granted many times over the years.  We've seen the city double in size since that time and have experienced the highs and lows of the boom and bust cycle many times over.

But there is one essential element that this city possesses that makes it different than anywhere else in Canada, and that's its entrepreneur spirit and the optimism that goes along with it.

Where others see setbacks the folks in this city see opportunity. And while our economy may rise and fall with national economic trends there's no denying the upward trajectory of the city of Grande Prairie.

We are blessed to have an economy that has many pillars of income.  From oil & gas, logging, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, education, and as administrative regional center…our city if firing on a lot of engines making it a good place to call home or invest your dollars in. 

In short we love Grande Prairie as both a place to do business in and raise a family in a quality environment…Have a prime day!