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Jan 2/20

Winter is Here!

For some, Winter is the season of discontent.   They retreat to the couch under a fluffy blanket and like the ground hound only to re-emerge in the Spring.  Others beat a retreat to warmer shores for a quick vacation to recharge.

But there are some, and I am one, who embrace their inner Canadian and love the Winter.  The key is finding a pursuit that gets you out of the house and keeps you busy.

Traditional activities like curling and hockey are still popular but both downhill and cross-country skiing have their share of fans.  Equally fun is snowmobiling or ice-fishing, but you better dress warm!

So, if you're a snow bunny good for you…but if the couch is more your Winter sanctuary I'd encourage you to throw on your coat and hat, and go for a walk on one of those brilliant sunny days we get here in the Peace country.  Who knows you just might like it!!