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Oct 16/17

Where's My Cash?

If there's one area of potential contention between landlords and tenants its the return of a tenants security deposit.  Often tenants believe landlords are looking for any excuse to hold their funds after the move out... while landlords may think the tenants have trashed their home.  Rarely is either situation true.  At Prime Property Management we pride ourselves on treating all parties fairly.  And the best way to do that is by following proper move in and move out procedures. 

It is important that new tenants attend the in-report inspection process with their Prime Property Management representative. It's during this process that the tenant and prime rep will inspect and agree as to the condition of the unit and record it in writing on the in-report. Often photos will be taken as part of the process.  It is important that tenants ensure that any deficiencies noticed in the unit are recorded on the in-report. 

When it's time for the tenant to vacate the unit, once again they meet with the Prime Property Management representative on site to do another unit inspection and compare it to the original report. Once again this is the time for tenants and property manager to record any relevant information.  By following this process most conflicts are avoided and both parties feel that they've been treated fairly.  Here at Prime Property we feel it's a good day when our tenants get all their security deposit back as it means we've got a first class rental unit back into circulation.

Remember folks...make sure it's in writing!